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The Mantra You Need For 2022, Based On Your Moon Sign In Vedic Astrology

Vedic Astrologer By Katy Jane, Ph.D.

Vedic Astrologer

Katy Jane, Ph.D. is a counseling Vedic astrologer, Sanskrit & world religions scholar, and teacher of yoga teachers.


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January 19, 2022 — 11:46 AM

If your 2022 has been off to a lackluster start, there’s still time for things to change…for the better. According to Vedic astrology–separate from Western Astrology–the New Year actually takes place on Ugadi (meaning a “new era”), which is April 1. On this day every year, the creator Brahma speaks a “new era” into being.

Brahma gives this new year a Sanskrit name based on the energy that it brings. In 2021, on Ugadi, Brahma spoke out plava, meaning “boat.” This was conveyed in our experience of “being in the same boat” and navigating stormy seas. (Not to mention, supply chain issues at ports and cruise ship nightmares!)

With the first signs of spring on April 1, Brahma will speak a new name–shubhakritu, “beautifully made.” It portends a much more auspicious year ahead.

Shubhakritu is the seed that will sprout as our collective experience in the year ahead. Your lunar sign in Vedic astrology (which you can calculate here) provides the best clue as to what will be “beautifully made” in your life in 2022. It’s good to roll these affirmations around in your mind like mantras as we head for the final shore of last year. Then, watch what sprouts come spring!


Bring out the old razzle-dazzle, Aries moon. Last year’s efforts to prove your self-worth are finally laid to rest. You’re given the award you’ve been impatient for–and it’s all for the collective good.



You’ve spent an entire year studying the hell out of the higher mind. Now you get to apply all you’ve learned toward something meaningful–dare I say healing?–with the help of friends.


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You’ve always wanted to be a “student for life,” Gemini moon, but you’ve been realistic. We all need to eat. So you’ve saved your dessert for last. Now it seems the student is ready and the guru appears.



After the storm comes the light. You know this and yet you worry it might not. You need reassurances that your sacrifices have been worth it, Cancer moon. Here it is: In 2022 you get to see your dharma (highest purpose) behind your karma (life lessons).


I know you think it can never happen to you: A stranger or someone from your past comes to knock you off your feet. Yes, loyal, long-suffering you! Follow your heart when this person appears this year, Leo.



You’re the type who needs it all laid out in small, doable action steps. The larger picture can overwhelm you, yet sometimes you need vision. Whether you feel ready or not, it’s coming in the big bold letters of love.


It’s always about the other person, isn’t it? Angry Libras wish they could wear T-shirts that read, “Hell is other people,” but you wouldn’t dare–except this year. This year will give you full freedom to disentangle yourself. Be you! Be you!



You’ve loved 2021, Scorpio moon. While the rest of us thrashed on the surface, you dove deep. It’s hard to let go of being so delightfully let off the hook by the universe, but alas, it’s time to come up for air and share the healing.


The Buddha offers us a third noble truth: Suffering has an end. Come April, she will. You’re officially out of Saturn’s seven-year itch. Gather your spirits and adventure forth. There are books to write within you, new homes to explore, and beginners to teach.



The beautiful thing about being you is you can handle anything. The last two and a half years have proved that to all your admirers. You held it together. Now you get a break from the stress you’ve been carrying. It may come as a “healing crisis.” Let it.


All eyes on you this year, baby. The world’s been waiting for all that you’ve been thinking about for years to finally see the light of day. You’re a late bloomer, like one of those rare orchids that flower every hundred years. But when you do, it’s a sight to see!


It’s a “many lives, many masters” kind of year for you. When people, places, and things leave you (sometimes suddenly), remember that you needn’t be bothered. It’s a fresh start.

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