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The Ideal Color To Surround Yourself With Right Now, According To Astrologers

Scorpio season can be a heavy and intense time, especially if Scorpio placements in your birth chart are scarce and you’re not used to its qualities. To ease into it, and even harness its potent and mysterious energy, consider incorporating Scorpio colors into your life from October 23 to November 22.

Don’t shy away from your dark-colored clothes at this time, especially blacks and deep reds. (Just in time for Halloween, right?) And it doesn’t have to stop at your wardrobe! Maybe you opt for some new decor in your home or office, swapping out a brightly colored piece of art for a darker, more brooding one.

If you normally shy away from looks like dark lipstick, (vegan) leather, and the like, now’s the time to embrace them. And on that same note, you might also want to avoid lighter colors like pastels, that don’t complement Scorpio’s palette. Libra, for example, is associated with pinks and blues–and we’re leaving that energy behind come October 23.

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