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The Hero Product This Beauty Editor Swears By For Soft, Never Greasy Skin

I’ve been testing mindbodygreen’s brand-new postbiotic hand cream for a few weeks now, and, man, does it deliver. It’s luxuriously hydrating, with moringa seed oil and olive-derived squalene to promote a strong skin barrier. Oat oil also helps soothe my inflamed nail beds, while shea butter softens the skin and fills in microcracks. Shea also gives the formula that deliciously creamy texture, which makes the experience oh-so-lavish.

It also features postbiotics to help tend to my skin microbiome, which can become compromised from all the hand-washing, and especially as we enter cooler weather. Now, you may have seen probiotics and prebiotics in skin care formulas, which replant healthy bacterial strains or feed the strains we have naturally (respectively). Postbiotics follow a similar beat, but think of them as the endgame: They supply the skin with healthy byproducts from the start, like peptides and fatty acids.

But the real kicker? This cream doesn’t make my hands slippery whatsoever, even seconds after applying. We can thank aloe vera for that advantage: In addition to fading dark spots, soothing inflammation, and keeping the skin supple, the aloe provides a smooth texture and faster absorption. So the hand cream delivers a splash of moisture, sinks in like a dream, and never leaves my hands feeling oily.

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