The Best Way to Mix Protein Powder

Best Way to Mix Protein Powder

Tired of leaky shaker bottles and clumpy lumpy protein drinks? Same! When all you want is a quick smooth hit of protein you don’t want to have to deal with all that. Problem solved girl. This is the best way to mix your protein powder so you can get your daily dose without the gross.

First, you obviously need to start with a high quality protein. The source of the protein (ie: whey or plant based / brown rice, pumpkin, pea, etc.) DOES make a difference. They’re not all created equal when it comes to how they mix.

That’s where LSF Nutrition comes in. Our organic Plant Protein Powders and Wellness Boosts don’t have any of that nasty grit you’ll find in other brands, but it gets even better!

Introducing: Smooth Operator.

In less than 10 seconds to silky smooth bliss & he’ll make you wonder what you ever did without him.He’s a no muss, no fuss kind of guy who leaves the messes (and baggage) out of it. Plus, he cleans up nice and won’t get in the way…so get used to seeing him every morning. No complaints here.

How He Works

1. Insert 2 AA batteries – everyone could use a little help.

2. Fill your glass 3/4 of the way fill with a hot or cold drink of choice and add your protein and/or boosts.

3. Insert the Smooth Operator and push his button to mix things up. We recommend gentle pulses to get things started. He usually only needs about a minute to really smooth things out and add some foamy froth on top.

4. Top your glass with the remainder of your liquids if needed to finish things up.

Keep Things Cleans

After each use, fill a cup with warm water and soap and turn him on, pulsing until clean. You can also use a small brush for a deeper clean.

Make sure not to leave or submerge him in water, just rinse tip.

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