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The Best Colors To Bring Into Your Bedroom For Deep Rest & Relaxation

As for what other parts of the bedroom can usually handle some more color, Reidy is a fan of layering different shades on the bed. “Your textile choice can transform your existing space and make it feel brand-new. It’s the quickest way to add color or simply change it up for the season,” he says. Think thicker, chunkier blankets in warmer tones in winter that can give way to lighter bedding once spring hits. “Your pillows and throws can add color and pattern. It’s important to think about how each element of your interior comes together to create the look you want. It’s like a great outfit.”

And don’t underestimate the power of the right window treatments, he adds. “You can choose to make a statement or simply have them blend with your wall color. Layering your window treatment will also improve the functionality.” For example, he says you can start with dark blackout blinds to promote sleep. From there, layer with a sheer curtain to let in soft, dappled sunlight during the day, and introduce more color with your top curtain. “Just change out this top layer to introduce a new color,” Reidy says. “Small change, big impact.”

Beyond curtains and bedding, Galano loves to introduce new colors into the bedroom using art prints. Strategically placing your lighting to hit these bedroom works can help make their tones really shine.

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