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The Ancient Healing Technique That Can Strengthen Your Intuition

Reiki is an ancient Japanese technique that heals our energetic body, which in turn impacts our mental, emotional, and physical body. Most people experience reiki through 1:1 healing sessions in order to clear energetic blockages and align their chakras.

During the attunement process in Reiki I and II training, you are guided into a deep meditation to receive reiki energy straight from source. This intelligent energy knows where to go in your body to break up blockages.

Once the reiki energy restores healthy flow through your chakras, something incredible occurs: You begin to have a multi-sensory experience, and start activating the fullest potential of your energy centers. Part of this activation involves awakening your psychic gifts, known as the “clairs.”

Awakening our clair gifts, or intuition, connects us to the highest form of intelligence. These gifts may not be seen, felt, heard, or touched with our normal five senses. They go beyond time and space, and serve as flashlights on our path to healing and living abundantly. And quite frankly, it’s simply fun to be able to play in the world of the unseen.

We all have access to the clairs–and most of us are already in tune with at least one or two. There are many modalities to awaken your intuition, with reiki being one of them.

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