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The 5-Second Gut-Supporting Habit This Associate Health Editor Swears By

Not your typical greens powder, organic veggies+ is loaded with a blend of nutritious veggies–from the basics like organic broccoli and carrots, to the ones you may never consider, such as organic kelp and spirulina. Even though I regularly eat a lot of fruits and vegetables, I love that this powder offers up a much broader array of organic veggies, berries, and even unique botanical herbs (after all, there are 31 unique ingredients) that there’s no way I could manage to incorporate into my day otherwise.

If you’re all about gut health like me, the prebiotic fibers and probiotics featured in this powder are also a major bonus for aiding digestion (watch out, bloat!).* What’s more, organic veggies+ includes digestive enzymes, which help your body to actually absorb all those awesome nutrients from your healthy food.* Not to mention, the ginger and turmeric in this powerful blend have anti-inflammatory properties.*

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