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Take This As A Sign From The Universe That You Could Use Some Self-Care

If you’re in need of some grounding and soothing, don’t be surprised if you pull the Queen of Pentacles. According to tarot reader, and founder of Witchy Wellness Leah Vanderveldt, this card is the archetype of the nurturer–both of oneself and others.

“It’s about our connection to our body’s wisdom and to nature,” she tells mbg, adding that this card is often thought of as the self-care queen, combining the elements water and earth. “Water is linked to one’s feeling, internal nature, and earth to tangible, day-to-day tasks and functions,” Vanderveldt explains.

The energy of this card is generous, grounded, warm, and attuned to the senses. It calls on us to connect to our bodies, our rhythms, and the rhythms of nature–and the magic that resides in these connections, Vanderveldt notes.

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