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Strangers Say My Dog Smells Incredible — & It’s Thanks To This Natural Shampoo

Squeezing the bottle released a dollop of pale brown gel (which was admittedly kind of gross). When combined with water, it quickly transformed into a sudsy lather that evenly coated my mini Australian shepherd’s fur. Coating her entire body in shampoo used about 20% of the bottle, but that’s to be expected, as her fur is full and thick. Thankfully, it was relatively easy to wash out. And the results the next morning were worth it.

Her coat was undeniably fluffy, shiny, and soft. Better yet, she smelled absolutely incredible–something even strangers at the dog park noticed. When we went to the vet a few days later, they called her one of their best-smelling patients. Needless to say, I was relieved to have finally found my pup’s perfect match.

Nearly two years later, and we’re still using the same conditioning shampoo to keep her fur compliment-worthy. Whether it’s a new friend at the dog park giving her a few extra pets or a lucky neighbor catching her in the hallway, everyone seems to be on the same page: My dog smells amazing.

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