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Stop Making This Common Mistake When Applying Eyeliner

It’s easy to be tempted to hold your tool right in line with the curve of your eye, but this will press more product onto the area, creating a larger line. With the 45-degree hold, you’re just getting the very end of the pen or felt tip. Now, if you want to start small and build up the line–which we recommend newbies do–just barely trace alongside the eye, then keep layering lines on top until you reach the desired effect. Remember: It’s always easier to add than subtract.

And if you do end up with more coverage than you intended? You can always clean up the stray moves with a micellar-soaked cotton swab or strategically placed concealer. A bonus: “The contrast of the bright concealer and liner will define the line even more,” says Alexandra Compton, product development manager at clean beauty retailer Credo.

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