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Staring At Screens All Day? 3 Surprising Ways To Combat Dry Eyes

First, a little science: The cornea is protected by a tear film that is made up of three layers–the oily layer on the outside, followed by the watery layer, and finally the mucous layer. The tear film’s job is to protect and hydrate the eye–and with each blink, the tear film is renewed.

On average, we blink 15 to 20 times per minute to bring moisture, nutrients, and oxygen to our eyes and clear any debris (e.g., dust, eyelashes). However, when we’re concentrating on work, we blink less frequently (and using bright digital screens can decrease that number even further).

As you can imagine, fewer blinks leads to less-hydrated eyes, which can strain your eyes and make them feel just plain sleepy and uncomfortable.

If your eyes have been craving moisture, consider implementing these tips so you can feel hydrated and fresh, no matter what screen you’re in front!

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