Spicy Berry Pomegranate Margarita

spicy pomegranate margarita

This spicy pomegranate margarita is a new staple for me! I’m obsessed. I always love finding ways to indulge – totally guilt free – and get even more out of whatever I’m enjoying.

If you want an easy way to impress your friends (or yourself) on your next girls night, make this!

The secret ingredient is my Wing Woman immunity boost. She’s delicious and SUGAR FREE which makes it the best way to boost your bevi.

And if spice isn’t your thing, just ditch the jalapeño and you’ll still have a perfect drink!

Spicy Berry Pomegranate Margarita


1 lime wedge2 jalapeno slices2 ounces blanco tequila1 ounce lime juice, freshly squeezed1 scoop berry pomegranate Wing Woman Immunity Boost1 tbs pomegranate seeds2 ounces water Garnish: tajin rim and jalapeno 

Mix Her Up

Rub 1/2 the rim of a martini with a lime wedge, dip the rim in tajin to coat, and set aside.
Fill a shaker with ice and the blanco tequila, water, lime juice, Wing Woman, jalapeno slices and pomegranate seeds  and shake until well-chilled.
Strain into the prepared glass .
Garnish with jalapeño and more pomegranate seeds 


TASTES GOOD: Throw her in some water for a quick, sweet berry pomegranate treat, or mix her in a cocktail for Friday night happy hour.

PROTECTING YOU ON DAILY WITH VITAMIN C & D: Wing Woman got your back because vitamin C & D are necessary for development and repair of all body tissues, proper functioning of the immune system and more!

IMPROVES IMMUNE FUNCTION: With echinacea, elderberry and vitamin C, you’ll feel defended from head to toe.

PACKED WITH ANTIOXIDANTS: Tons of adaptogen powders, like spinach leaf, ginseng and goldenseal that’s got all the health benefits you would possibly need.

ALL ABOUT CUTTING OUT THE BS: She’s gluten free, dairy free, sugar free, non GMO and vegan!

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