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Quinoa Oil Is Changing How We’re Thinking About Body Care & Beauty. Here’s Why

If quinoa oil is starting to sound more like liquid gold, then you’re getting the picture. But how does our skin feel about it? By virtue of its many properties, quinoa oil deeply moisturizes our skin to leave it looking firmer and smoother. In doing so, it also strengthens our skin barrier, locking in this hydration for effects that last a luminously long time. Quinoa oil is even occlusive, which means that it will prevent transepidermal water loss, where water evaporates from our skin. (Take that, winter weather.)

So many benefits to reap, but making the most out of this ingredient ultimately starts with quality, as not all quinoa oils are created equal. NativaSPA uses an exclusive patented process that allows 100% pure quinoa oil to be extracted from the grain, versus other products that use chemicals (often toxic) in the extraction process. Their process not only preserves the properties of quinoa oil but ensures a higher concentration of them. There’s quinoa extract, and there’s NativaSPA quinoa oil. For whole-body care, we should only ever settle for the latter.

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