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Ouch: This One Ingredient Can Actually Make Lip Sunburns Worse

No matter how much SPF you layer on your body and your face, you might be missing one extremely delicate, sunburn-susceptible area: the lips. That’s right, your lips can become sunburnt quite easily, and if you’ve ever experienced one yourself, we likely don’t have to explain just how uncomfortable and inconvenient it is when this happens. (Read: flakes, tenderness, and irritation.) For this reason, finding an SPF lip balm is key, especially during the summertime–here’s a list of our top picks.

Still, if you forget to apply a sunscreen lip balm, or simply don’t reapply often enough (which happens to the best of us), you may wind up with a pesky lip sunburn. Meaning, you should be extra careful when choosing what lip products to layer on after-the-fact. There are a few ingredients to avoid, and we’re going to gloss over them below.

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