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Must-Try: This Unexpected Product Leaves My Skin Feeling Baby Soft

Flashback a few years, I was using makeup wipes daily. When the ingredients in the wipes started to irritate my skin, I moved onto cotton rounds doused in micellar water. This made a huge difference for my skin–but it wasn’t the most sustainable choice, as the cotton rounds were single-use products. I could have swapped in reusable cotton rounds, but made the transition to an oil cleanser instead. Yet again, I ran into problems with every option I tried.

Some cleansing oils would leave a sticky residue on my skin, while others didn’t have the power to remove stubborn mascara and eyeliner. I was on the hunt for something gentle yet effective, especially because I love wearing full glam makeup. Enter: The Fig. 1 Micellar Oil Cleanser.

This product does so much more than melt away makeup. That dry, stripped feeling that other makeup removers (even other cleansing oils) had left on skin is nowhere to be found. After I rinse it off, my skin is left feeling super clean and oh-so-smooth.

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