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Most People Make This Mistake With Squats–Here’s A Trainer’s Simple Fix

“The bottom of the squat is the most important part, while your hips are under the most tension,” explains Arrington. “At the bottom, be sure to stay active instead of resting and rounding the upper or lower back. If your tailbone tucks under at the bottom, you went too far.”

Typically you should try to squat until your quads are parallel to the ground, but if your flexibility doesn’t allow this, go as low as you can while keeping your form and making sure your knees don’t dip in toward each other. Staying aware of your foot placement on the ground will also make sure you’re achieving the proper squat form.

“For your standard squat, your knees should track in line with your second toe and move past the toes on the way down,” explains Arrington. While this may change in other squat movements, this form will prepare you with a stable base.

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