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Meeting The Parents? 7 Tips To Make Your Partner’s Family Fall In Love With You

Meeting the parents is about building on the relationship you have with your partner and developing one with the people closest to them. You’re being invited further into your significant other’s life. A conversation beforehand to ensure both of you are on the same page regarding why you’re taking this step could help relieve any anxiety about the first meeting.

That said, you don’t want to treat meeting the parents like a job interview and Google them or grill your partner for personal information. “You should already know a bit about their parents at this point in the relationship,” Bronstein advises. “If you don’t, that could be an indicator that it might not be time to meet them just yet.” She says that digging and “knowing too much could make you show up inauthentic, and what’s most important is that you show up as you.”

Though you don’t want to do any hard-core research, be sure you’re aware of important details. For instance, make sure you know the proper pronunciation of their names. Ask about dietary restrictions so you don’t show up with crab dip if mom has a seafood allergy. Learn just enough to not faceplant, but not so much that you start to feel like being yourself isn’t good enough.

“The goal should be intentionality,” Asha says.

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