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March Is The Last Month Of The Astrological Year — Here’s What To Know

March begins still in the effect of the United States’ February 20 Pluto Return, an astrological moment that hasn’t occurred for American since July 4, 1776. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine–and the shocking resistance by Ukrainian military and civilians–unfolded right in step with this seismic transit.

We are now in the last month of the Western astrological calendar, leading up to the spring equinox on March 20. Pisces season is a time of closure, one that’s been deceptively pegged as compassionate and spiritual, the opposite of warmongering. To be sure, these are among Piscean traits: artistry, imagination, and deep empathy are all this Neptune-ruled sign’s highest vibration.

The Pisces zodiac sign symbol (glyph) may hold the greatest metaphor for these “interesting times.” It’s an icon of two fish, which represent our unconscious motives. These fish are bound together by an energetic cord, yet swimming in opposite directions.

Seen in that light, Pisces is the ultimate symbol of conflict, not peace. That conflict may be deeply internal, hidden from even our awareness. The duality of Pisces also reminds us of our oneness, even with our “enemies.” Pisces is the ultimate paradox: the more we struggle to escape each other, the tighter our binding rope becomes.

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