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Make Your Flowers Last Longer With These 5 Simple Drying Methods

The earliest known existence of dried flowers is during the time of the ancient Egyptians, who used dried flowers for fragrance, cosmetics, and ceremonial offerings left in tombs. The versatility of dried flowers hasn’t changed in the centuries since.

“I enjoy the multiple uses I can get from dried flowers,” Northern Arizona Master Gardener and founder of Elevated Gardening, Tina Gustafson, tells mbg. Dried flowers can make for lovely additions to crafts, decor, treats, and herbal remedies. And since they last longer than fresh flowers, they tend to be more budget-friendly.

They’re also low-maintenance, so they’re nice for people who love the idea of working with and having plants but aren’t great at keeping up with watering cycles. Some couples also choose to use everlasting dried flowers as an alternative to fresh-cut flowers for their weddings.

Dried flowers make it easy to keep your favorite blooms around, which is especially nice when that bloom is no longer in season in your area. Considering that 80% of fresh-cut flowers available in the U.S. are still imported from faraway places like Columbia and Ecuador, drying flowers can also be a more sustainable option.

To sum up the benefits of dried flowers: They’re beautiful. They’re versatile. They’re full of life, even without moisture. Botanical artist and founder of Copper and Moss Botanical Design, Hannah Williams, says it best: “Dried flowers are a captured moment that can last for many years to come.”

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