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Incorporating This Into Your Daily Routine Can Bolster Your Brain Health & Mood

“The heart is the instrument of deep revelation, and the head is our gift of implementation,” says Miller. “We need both, but we’ve got to get the order right.”

Sounds great in theory, but how do you actually lead with the heart? Well, the first step is identifying when you’re stuck in your head, and Miller shares that she faces a few symptoms: I ruminate [and say,] ‘I’ve got to get it done. I’ve got to get it done,'” she explains. “Another symptom [is when] I find myself getting anxious and stressed.” When she experiences these feelings, she immediately knows she’s leading with her head. “I have now had this happen enough times that I see the red light,” she explains.

She then engages in a moment of deep reflection–be it prayer, nature, meditation, et al–to ground herself and allow her heart to guide her. Miller is an expert, of course, so this may take a bit more practice for the rest of us. “I view this as a journey,” she says. “There’s always an opportunity to deepen the connection to listen more to the heart.”

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