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I’m The Blue Zones Founder: This Is My Must-Have Food For Gut Health & Longevity

“And we don’t exactly know why, but when you eat a plant-based meal with sourdough bread, the glycemic index of that meal goes down,” Buettner continues. “So the sugars in that meal are absorbed more slowly,” and your body is more likely to use those sugars for energy (rather than storing them up in your system). So not only does the bread itself have a lower glycemic index than others, but it may have the ability to lower the glycemic index of the entire meal (albeit, we need more research to uncover that benefit).

Science-backed benefits aside, Buettner praises sourdough in true Blue Zones fashion: On his anthropological quest to discover the communities that lived the longest and the healthiest (and notice any patterns between them), he simply found that people who made it to 100 years old were eating more sourdough. That, alone, makes the healthy bread more ideal. “In Sardinia, they are eating sourdough bread with just about every meal for their entire life–and I think it’s a true longevity food,” he says.

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