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I’m An Integrative Dietitian & I Always Keep These Superfoods In My Kitchen

As an integrative dietitian, natural chef, and professional foodie, I talk about food all day, every day. This passion of mine wasn’t exactly random–I grew up in a family of organic farmers, who taught me that living, and especially eating, in accordance with seasonality is the natural way of doing things.

While I’ve moved from farm life to the busy city of New York, I still cook most of my meals at home and have never downloaded a food delivery app. This lifestyle comes naturally to me due to my upbringing, but I understand that cooking nutritious meals can have its challenges. That’s why, as a dietitian, I like to simplify healthy eating for my clients.

The first order of business is, of course, what you’re stocking your kitchen with. Here’s my go-to list of superfoods that I always keep at home, and recommend to every single one of my clients:

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