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I’m An Entrepreneur & Cancer Survivor: These 4 Habits Upgraded My Health

With walking, most people multitask without even thinking about it, says Wine. For example: You might be wearing headphones (listening to a podcast, perhaps?), texting a friend, or taking snapshots of your surroundings.

Rather, try to be super present while you move your body: “Feel your feet on the ground; listen to the sounds around you, including the leaves crunching under your feet, and see how you feel,” Wine says. “Can you sit with a little bit of boredom and curiosity about the world instead of needing to be doing another thing at the same time? Those walks, for me, tend to be the most enjoyable.”

What’s more, he says focusing all of your attention on the walk can lead to a burst of creativity. “If you can quiet the noise, some important, good ideas can come in,” he continues. “They may not have had the space to come to mind if you had been multitasking while out on your walk.”

If you feel comfortable doing so, Wine suggests leaving your phone at home so you can literally look up at your surroundings while you walk. Or, you could turn on the “do not disturb” setting while you’re out, so you’re not distracted by notifications. If you’re walking with a friend, he suggests not having a conversation (at least for a few minutes): “We’re both just going to monotask our walks.”

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