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I’m A Stanford-Trained MD: This Is What I Eat In A Day For Blood Sugar Balance

Identify the culprits in terms of glucose spikes, and then just either take them out or swap them–that’s the framework I would approach lunch with,” says Means. Let’s take a typically lunch wrap or sandwich, for instance: “A sandwich might have vegetables, hummus, and a protein in there, but then the bread or the wrap essentially thrives the glucose spike,” she explains.

To mitigate this spike, she’ll swap the bread or wrap for a grain-free alternative, like ones with cassava flour (which does still spike some people, we should note, so it’s important to mind personal nutrition here), collard greens, or butter or iceberg lettuce. Sometimes she’ll even use shaved jicama or nori sheets for her wraps. “There are lots of ways to get the same thing that you love without the glucose spike.”

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