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I’m A Holistic Esthetician & Lymph Specialist: These Are 3 Things I Do Every Day

Much of Plug’s practice is focused around the lymphatic system, not just because she’s aware of how much it can help the appearance of the skin and face–but because of her own health journey. “There are so many things that can contribute to lymphatic stagnation or inflammation in the body, from muscle tension to our nervous system and stress,” she says. “With myself, I have a chronic illness and autoimmune disease, so I am always working on my lymph flow.”

How she does this changes depending on her daily schedule, but she says she loves facial cupping, gua sha, or massage. And if she needs to just do something quick? She does a quick two-point ritual: One just above the collarbone and one below the ear, behind the jawline. These happen to be two of the body’s major lymph centers.

“If you can feel right above your collarbone, there’s that beautiful little dip out toward the head of the shoulders. Place all your fingers in that nice dip, and you are going to hit the spot. With a light touch, simply start massaging in small outward circles,” she says. “Then move up the neck behind the angle of the jaw. Massage that area for a great lymph flow.”

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