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I’m a Celebrity Wellness Expert: How To Create An Effective Personalized Routine

Before you create a routine that works for you, get clear about why you’re doing it. In other words, determine your big why. This will be your foundation to establish a personalized wellness routine and reach your goals.

Ask yourself what outcomes you’re looking for. Then, get clear about why you want to reach them. I’ve had clients who initially told me they wanted to balance their blood sugar and lower insulin levels because their doctors were concerned about their bloodwork, or diabetes ran in their family, or they just knew that they wanted to get healthier.

But when I pushed them a little bit, their big why came out. Some of them wanted to maintain steady, sustained energy levels to stay active. Others wanted the sex drive and stamina they had when they were younger.

When you commit to specific goals–things like getting and keeping fasting blood glucose, fasting insulin, and hemoglobin A1C levels in a healthy range–your big why will keep you motivated on those days you’d rather blow off your workout or have after-work margaritas with your coworkers.

Once you’ve gotten honest about your big why, start living that way now. In other words, be it ’til you see it. Put yourself into that picture. How do those goals look and feel? What accomplishments might you achieve when you feel that way? How will your relationships improve? Your ultimate goal here is to live from a place of self-love and self-worth, all while keeping an eye on the important things you want to accomplish, one thing at a time.

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