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I’m A Biohacking Expert: Here’s My Go-To Tip For Tackling Stress

By the time we arrived at our home for the week, none of us felt any better. We were staying in the pit of an abandoned strip mine with a stone floor and a wind tunnel. The temperatures were as unforgiving as -30oC and it got even down to -35oC at midnight. To make matters worse, we all had to do night patrol for at least an hour.

Sleeping in a tent with a small stove was the only time we could stop shivering and enjoy a brief moment of warmth.

During the day, we practiced sharpshooting by camouflaging (aka lying motionless in the snow and trying to crawl towards a target), measuring distances with binoculars, making landscape maps by drawing on a piece of paper, firing long distances, and so much more.

My squad and I were constantly drenched in the rain, sleeping underneath trees, crawling through the snow, making our way through swamps, crossing waist-deep rivers, or just walking for hours through the forest in the middle of a cold winter night.

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