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If You Have Medium-To-Long Nails, You Must Try This Chic Design

Think of nail shapes like a new haircut. Since most of us have a tried-and-true nail shape that aligns with the outline of our nail beds, it’s easy to forget that there’s, well, options when it comes to filing your tips. Before we dive into square nails, let’s do a quick brief of the most common nail shapes out there.

First, there’s round nails, which are exactly what they sound like: straight on the sides with rounded edges. Then there’s oval nails, which are a variation of the round shape, but with corners that curve inward, says celebrity manicurist and brand founder, Deborah Lippmann. These two are the most natural-looking of the nail shapes and some of the easiest to accomplish, too.

In the center of the natural-to-bold spectrum, we have sharp-edged square nails, but we’ll dive into this shape more below. Next up, there’s squoval and almond nails. “Squoval is similar to square, but with softer edges, and almond-shaped nails are slim on the sides and wide on the base, coming to a rounded peak,” Lippmann says.

Then there’s the dare-to-go-there styles, like stiletto and coffin shaped nails. “Stiletto nails are similar to almond, but with a much more drastic point,” Lippmann says. And coffin nails are shaped similar to a ballerina pointe shoe: dramatic, long, and very striking.

The bottom line? There are plenty of options when it comes to shaping your nails. Just like a brand new ‘do, you can experiment with a few until you find the shape you adore.

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