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I Tracked My Blood Sugar Levels & Here’s What I Learned About My Health

My daily scores ranged from 58% (a biscotti-filled day) to 85%. Within a day or two of trying Levels, I found myself being more strategic around meal times to optimize better scores (and thus metabolic health). After experiencing it myself, I am convinced this technology has the ability to help people adopt widespread changes in their behavior and insights far beyond just listening to their body. The scoring system can be a powerful tool to facilitate and accelerate change.

For me, however, it was a little too powerful. I cherish our Sunday bagels from Russ & Daughters and weekend meals out as a family, which often include desserts. I found that it was hard for me to enjoy my meals while also recording a score a few hours after the meal. Still, do I have room to improve my metabolic health? Absolutely.

I plan to incorporate cinnamon into my smoothies to promote blood sugar balance, ensure my meals have a balance of protein and fat, and be more mindful about my afternoon snack time. Tracking the scores of my meals took a little bit of the fun out of family doughnuts and bagels, and maintaining these moments of joy is really important always, but especially in 2021.

The good news is that Means confirms this sentiment is something they “are thinking about constantly right now, as [they] want to make the Levels experience as empowering, positive, and educational as possible, not punitive or fear-mongering.”

While others may experience the technology differently, I found the data to be a fascinating treasure trove of actionable changes. I encourage anyone who is trying to better understand how food affects their blood sugar to give Levels a try.

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