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I Study Brain Health & Longevity: This Is My Favorite Breakfast For Cognition

Like we said before, it’s important to incorporate healthy protein early in the day. Lugavere opts for eggs–a few of them, at least. He tends to cook up four to five whole eggs, occasionally mixing in some isolated egg whites to boost the protein content. “I actually think it’s really useful to have whole eggs as well as pure egg whites,” he notes. “Egg yolks are a cognitive multivitamin, so I’m a huge advocate of whole egg consumption.” Specifically, eggs are rich in choline, the precursor chemical for acetylcholine, one of the most fundamental neurotransmitters.

Lugavere adds vegetables to his egg mix as well, typically a leafy green: “I love to buy a bag of frozen spinach, and I’ll just throw it in there frozen, because it easily loosens from the bag into the pan,” he says. You could always opt for fresh spinach leaves if you’ve got ’em, but this is a quicker and more affordable way to get your daily dose of leafy greens.

Though some people may love the ritual of eating the same meal every morning, we know others can find it too repetitive. If you stick with the base of eggs and greens, feel free to switch it up. A few ideas include:

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