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I Struggled With Crushing, Unexplained Fatigue — Until I Got This Diagnosis

Even while I was following a healthy diet, I didn’t have the energy to work out any more, so my next thought was that I needed to rearrange when I was eating. I hired a nutritionist and dietitian who did bloodwork, and I explained to her how tired I was, but it’s hard to assert that I was more tired than anyone else. However, after the blood work came in, there was finally proof that I was even more exhausted than I thought.

My dietitian told me that my bloodwork was unlike anything she had seen in the history of her practice. So after a good cry (or five) I finally got to see a specialist. At that point, I was showing markers for possibilities of autoimmune disease, and the list was plentiful and a little scary, especially considering my career in the fitness industry.

Once I got the justification that I was just as tired as I thought, I couldn’t stay awake. It just goes to show that mentality will take you a long way.

The specialist confirmed everything the dietitian had said, and I finally received a diagnosis: Hashimoto’s disease. She prescribed me medication that would help my thyroid, and recommended a few other habits to support my health. That said, I wouldn’t notice a difference for six to eight weeks. But that was the light at the end of the tunnel, and when my journey to healing began.

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