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I Can Finally Run During The Summer Without Chafing Thanks To This $9 Balm

I use Body Glide on days when I’m exercising in shorts. My thighs are the primary culprit of chafing, so it’s where I focus my application. When applied correctly, the balm is a godsend.

To do this, the formula needs to be fully rubbed into the skin to maximize coverage. The brand makes no mention of this online, but I’ve found it’s a crucial part of the application process and even reduces the sticky texture of the formula. Of course, it’ll always feel a little bit tacky, but I think of this as a side effect of the balm moisturizing my skin rather than sitting atop it.

Either way, the results are so worth it. I always apply it before a run and never struggle with chafing. While I have to reapply around the nine-mile mark of a long run–the balm often becomes less effective as the miles wear on–the container is small enough to fit into my fanny pack.

Most impressive? The $9 container lasts. I’ve had my mini Body Glide Anti-Chafe Balm for over a year and half, and there’s still plenty of formula left to take me through the end of summer (and that’s with non-run applications, too).

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