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How Your Life Will Change When You Find Your Self-Worth, From A Medium

This begins to release false ideas of cause and effect, many of which are just misunderstandings of how Spirit works. For instance, when our ego is overly involved in manifestation, it can mislead us, making us believe that we are the cause of our misfortunes.

In some cases, we can even cloak this in spirituality, interpreting a challenge like a medical diagnosis, sudden layoff, or relationship dissolution as a “sign” that we’ve done something wrong. We’ve all seen terrible things happen to lovely people. One of my good friends, who I call Captain Sunshine, is currently healing from cancer. Though she most certainly sees her healing in a greater context, it doesn’t involve self-blame. Her cancer isn’t some sort of punishment or dark manifestation–instead, it’s an opportunity to learn, heal, and love herself, all the while taking comfort in the knowledge that she’s not alone and is worthy of her healing. Notice that this, the most positive interpretation, is also the most helpful.

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