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How You Can Actually Keep Your Skin Looking Younger For Longer

When crafting a routine, you should know what the overall intended outcome is and edit ingredients accordingly. But sometimes even getting to that step isn’t easy. Well behavioral psychologists Perpetua Neo, DClinPsy spends a lot of time helping her patients identify their exact goals–sometimes skin care included.

First, she says to write down the top changes you’d like to see in your skin, be it clear up a blemish or improve under eye circles. “And rank each on a scale of one to 10,” she says, noting that this framework can provide clarity for people so they’re not tempted to tackle everything all at once. “You may say your dullness is an eight out of 10, so you can strive to get it down to six, four, two. Then you can look to find another goal.”

Additionally, this process helps you avoid another goal-oriented mistake: striving for something unrealistic. “This keeps you from having a big, unattainable goal like ‘perfect skin.’ Having achievable, moving goals is actually going to help your skin,” she says.

Once you’ve identified your top goal, then you can look for specific actives, products, and ingredients. This is not an exhaustive list, but it can at least get you started.

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