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How To Use Astrology For Healing In 5 Steps, From A Holistic Psychiatrist

A multiple lifetime theory of existence plays a role in astrology, with a person’s past accomplishments and actions likely creating the details in their chart. Talents are built over many lives, debts are created and paid, and personality quirks or challenges are refined.

A psychologically minded astrologer can quickly identify a person’s traumas, wounds, and struggles and help them realize their challenges were part of the soul’s plan all along. This is a transformational realization that can bring a person to a point of spiritual understanding, forgiveness, or awakening that might otherwise take years to achieve.

Additionally, astrology can help people understand how different everyone is (and how difficult it is for someone to be anything other than what is in their chart). This expanded perspective leads to compassion; people are not meant to reject the difficult parts of their charts or themselves.

Interestingly, the personality quirks that cause the greatest suffering are often tied up with the gifts people are on the planet to give. Strengths are also linked to weaknesses. This is a fascinating healing paradox astrology revealed to me many years ago. Every planet, and all the signs, have light and dark aspects, gifts and challenges.

Understanding astrology can help someone rise above the denser potential and lean toward the gifts of their chart placements. Attempting to ponder why they might have had the family they had, what it taught them, and how it shaped them into the person they were supposed to become, karmically, can help develop insight, fortitude, and forgiveness.

Lessons regarding boundaries, assertion, morality, self-nurturance, and many other topics are learned through contrast. Difficulties and traumas in life usually prepare a soul for future work it is slated to do. Literally, everything has its purpose, in astrology and life. That purpose is our growth.

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