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How To “Mother Yourself” With Nurturing Energy This Weekend & Beyond

In spiritual truth, we are each special and worthy–without exception. Yet your parents may not have been present enough, healthy enough, experienced enough, or emotionally mature enough to realize you needed to be reminded that you were special as a child. Also, culturally the way we are conditioned to treat children and reflect their worthiness changes a lot with time, and varies significantly culture to culture, which certainly influenced how you were cared for as a child.

Make yourself feel special now by being aware of your greatest strengths, which can be revealed through compliments you receive from others. Also look back on the most unique experiences you have survived, your most unique traits, and your most unique accomplishments, which also hold clues to your specialness. When you remind yourself how and why you’re special, and unlike anyone else, you’ll feel more valued. Feeling more valued and worthy makes you more comfortable seeking out and asking for what you need and desire.

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