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How To Know If You’re Truly Compatible With Someone, According To Astrologers

According to Quinn, if you want to assess your basic compatibility with someone (not necessarily romantic), your sun, moon, and rising sign are a good place to start. “You don’t need to go too deep into your chart for a basic understanding of yourself and somebody else that you’re talking to,” she explains, adding that the sun, moon, and rising are akin to the pillars of your personality.

Someone with their moon in Capricorn, for example, might be slower to identify and express emotions, while a Pisces moon would have no trouble there. “So that would be a hard pairing,” Quinn explains, “where if you pair a Pisces moon with a Cancer or Scorpio moon, there’s going to be a lot more compatibility in how they process their emotions and therefore their needs.”

And when it comes to romance, she adds, you’ll still want to take the sun, moon, rising into account, along with Venus and Mars. “Mars is your passion and your sex drive, and Venus is how you are in your relationship dynamics,” she explains. Somebody with Venus in Virgo, for example, might not fare well with someone who has their Venus in Sagittarius, because this forms a square, which is arguably the most difficult aspect.

Keep the aforementioned aspects in mind, too, as those will play a role here. Sharing a Venus placement (such as both of you have Venus in Cancer) would be a “conjunction,” which is typically a beneficial or easy aspect.

Though Quinn does note, “Having planets correlate to somebody else’s in the same sign can be a good thing, but it can be challenging if you’re too alike because then there’s no balance.”

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