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How To Harness This Weekend’s Rare New Moon & Amplifying Solar Eclipse

Between the new moon and the solar eclipse, there are a couple ways to approach the impending energy of this weekend, and in the weeks following.

For one thing, Taurean themes include pleasure, money, self-care, and sensuality. If any of those areas of your life need a revamp, this new moon is the perfect time to do so–whether it’s planning an extra special date night, giving yourself a personal spa day, or connecting with nature.

And given that the solar eclipse is going to intensify new beginnings, be sure to take some time to map out your intentions, asking yourself what you want to start and/or work towards. Solar eclipses are also known to spur spontaneous change, so be on the lookout for opportunities, too.

Want to take your intention to the next level? Consider trying the 369 method to really hone in on your goals. Here’s how to do it:

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