How to Adjust Your Routine

adjust your routine

During week one of our Holiday Survival Challenge we focused on digging into our new routines. Adding small habits each day or week that helped us focus on our goals AND have some fun!

It’s week two which means it’s time to look back and evaluate how it went and adjust your routine to work better for YOU.

Evaluate Your Routines

In the printable below you will see the one of the first things I want you to do this week is evaluate your Week-1 holiday routine. When you’re ready to do that, ask yourself these questions:

How did I feel last week?

Think, “what worked”/”what didn’t.”

Did you feel like you were able to do the things you “had to do” and also the things you wanted to do? Did you have enough energy? Get enough sleep? Were you feeling relaxed or stressed af? Be honest with yourself here.

What is most important to me?

Look at ALL areas of your life. Your physical health, mental health, family, career, hobbies, EVERYTHING. Get specific. If spending more time with family is. important to you, what would that look like exactly.

Was I able to dedicate the time I wanted to those things?

You’ll see the list fills up fast. Circle your top priorities for next week and grab your planner.

What can I adjust or remove in my routine to make more time for them?

I use my planner to start to schedule my top priorities into my daily routine so I can see it on paper and make sure it works. The point of this is to help you DE-STRESS.

What can I adjust or remove in my routine to make more time for them?

You could compare schedules with your friend and laugh that she feels stressed because your have 10x the amount on your plate, but truth is, we all feel overwhelmed.

I don’t know when it became cool to be so busy, but it’s not, so let’s stop it here.

I want you to cross out anything that isn’t going to fill you up this week. Anything that won’t leave you feeling stronger, happier or more confident has got to go.

Your Week 2 Routine


I hope you’re ready for another GIVEAWAY on Monday morning! Checkout my Instagram at 8am for details!

And congrats to our week 1 winner Jenny, @jramp_fit

Ok beauty, go out and have the best week ever! I can’t wait to hear how everything goes!

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