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How This Actress & Beauty Influencer Gets Her Skin To Be That Good

For Vasi, skin care isn’t some superficial ‘should-do,’ but a must. “I’m a beauty enthusiast so my skincare practice is my time to unwind,” she says. “I like to give myself 15 to 30 minutes a night to relish my routine.”

In the morning, she sticks to her basics in an attempt to keep her routine streamlined and effortless. “I’ll start with a cold jade roller or ice roller to wake my face up, then wash with a gentle hydrating cleanser, follow with a toner, a plumping serum, a caffeinated eye cream, and a moisturizing sunscreen,” she says.

But at night, she takes time to evaluate her skin’s unique needs–and lets that inform her choices: “My nighttime routine varies because I approach my skin with a ‘what do I need today?’ For example, if my skin feels like it’s had an extra oily day or maybe I can sense a breakout coming on then I’ll wash with a tea tree oil or salicylic acid cleanser.”

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