How Stress Impacts Your Weight

stress impacts your weight

Please tell me I’m not alone in feeling stressed out rn.

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE this time of year, but I’ve been feeling overwhelmed by how much I have to, and WANT, to do!

Between work, family, friends, parties, etc. it’s just… a lot. 

I know I have to keep it in check though – stress is your waistline’s worst enemy!

Stress Makes You Gain Weight

One day of unexpected stress may not be a big deal, but an entire season feeling overwhelmed (even with good stuff!) is. 

Chronic stress elevates your cortisol levels – aka your stress hormones.

That means when we’re stressed our appetite increases.

Increased appetite leads to excess weight gain and trouble losing weight. 

Why You’re Gaining Belly Fat

The worst part? Stress impacts where you gain weight. 

Most of the excess fat will end up in your stomach.

I know, I wish we could just send it to our boobs or our butts, right? It’s like some cruel joke.

How to Deal With Stress

Whenever I start feeling super stressed I always hit pause, turn on some happy music, and make myself a warm coffee (½ caff lately) with my Miss Congeniality mood boost!

It’s loaded with vitamins, minerals and adaptogens that help reduce my stress and literally make me feel so much happier. 

You’ve got to go read other girls’ reviews too! It’s insane!

Get yours here.

When I pair Miss Congeniality with a healthy daily routine – it’s a GAME CHANGER!

I feel happier, calmer, and way more ready to take on anything the week throws at me.

I can’t wait for you to experience it too!

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