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How Alicia Keys Is Empowering Women On Their Journeys To Well-Being

Editorial Operations Manager By Abby Moore

Editorial Operations Manager

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Image by Athleta / Athleta

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January 26, 2022 — 21:25 PM

It would be easier to just call her multi-hyphenate Alicia Keys, but the singer, songwriter, New York Times bestselling author, actor, women’s well-being advocate, and 15-time Grammy Award winner, deserves a proper introduction. Adding onto her list accomplishments, as of today, is an upcoming partnership with Athleta.

The performance lifestyle brand promotes inclusivity, accessibility, and women’s empowerment–which is primarily why Keys chose to partner with them. “I was drawn to Athleta because we both want to encourage women to discover, accept and OWN their power,” Keys said in a news release. “We’re all about the uniqueness of women, body positivity, and creating a lifestyle that showcases our immeasurable power within. It’s time to thrive–not just to survive–and my hope is that these offerings are another outlet for you to amplify your personal power, your possibility, and feel comfortable in your own skin.”

Image by Athleta / Athleta

Launching on March 8 (none other than International Women’s Day), the Athleta x Alicia Keys product collection, available in sizes XXS to 3X will drop in stores and online at The limited addition styles are designed to make women feel powerful and unrestricted in their own bodies, according to the news release.

The partnership goes beyond a line of performance wear, though. During their collaboration, Keys sat down with three inspirational women to discuss their at-times challenging journeys to well-being. The video, also dropping on March 8, will be available on AthletaWell, the brand’s recently cultivated digital community.

Arguably the most in line with the artist’s values is her involvement in Athleta’s Power of She Fund grant program. The program, established by Athleta and the Women’s Sports Foundation, provides grants to entrepreneurs and businesses led by women of color “that aim to make well-being and fitness practices more inclusive to female BIPOC communities,” their website states. Keys has signed onto the program, not only as an advisor to help select grant recipients, but also as a mentor to those who are selected. (Grant applications open June 2022 and more information can be found here, if you’re curious.)

Being a personal fan of Keys and Athleta, I’ll be *impatiently* waiting for March 8 to roll around (as if I needed another reason to look forward to spring!).

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