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How A Holistic Derm Supports Hair Growth & Clear Skin With 3 Must-Have Tips

“My take with warts is that they can be kind of crazy,” Turegano says. “You can throw everything in the kitchen sink and nothing budges, or sometimes they’ll go away on their own.” Again, the best plan of action is to address the issue from multiple angles, consulting a professional before diving into any sort of DIY treatment. “But I will also tell people to make sure you keep your warts covered. Duct tape does a good job at doing that.”

One study even found that placing duct tape over warts (replacing the tape every six days) was more effective than cryotherapy (or freezing the warts, a common traditional treatment). Why does this work? Says Turegano, the makeshift bandage keeps the wart away from oxygen. “Oxygen can actually feed the warts, so you want to suffocate it,” she says. Simply cut a piece of duct tape to the size of the wart (or as close to it as possible) and secure it over the area, replacing it every six days until the wart falls off.

Of course, this remedy might not work for everyone. While keeping warts covered is generally a good idea, Turegano notes, you may need to add some other methods to the mix. I’ve also seen [taking] higher doses of zinc for a couple of months can help things, too,” she says. (Here’s a randomized controlled trial to back it up.) “I’m all about hitting it from any simple, easy, cheap home remedy that’s not painful.” But if a professional recommends cryotherapy to clear the area, that’s probably your best bet.

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