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Hips Begging For Relief? The One Yoga Pose You Need To Loosen Them Up

Squats are excellent for stretching and toning the low body, and malasana is no exception. This posture stretches the thighs, hips, and groin, as well as opens up the chest. It also strengthens the ankles, and can help improve balance.

When you properly engage your core in this pose, it works those muscles as well, and can even stimulate digestion. It also increases circulation to the pelvis.

Malasana is considered a good pose for balancing the root chakra, too, as its very grounding. (The root chakra deals with safety and security.)

The bottom line is, this gentle posture has a lot of benefits, and it’s modifiable to suit any skill level. So, the next time your low body needs a stretch, drop into malasana and enjoy it for a few breaths.

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