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Here’s Our Full Guide To Caring For Type 3 Hair — AKA Lush Curls

We’re getting into the details of type 3 in this story, but it never hurts to cover hair types generally, in the event you need a refresher. As we noted, hair is categorized into types from 1 to 4, each with three smaller subsets noted as A, B, or C. Hair types aren’t scientific terms (so this isn’t a set standard crafted up by derms or researchers; in fact, it was developed and made famous by famed hairstylist Andre Walker), but it’s pretty universally accepted among hairstylists, trichologists, and even many derms themselves!

As a rundown: Type 1 is straight, with the variance usually coming down to how flat your hair lies. Type 2 is wavy, with the major differences depending on how loose the S-pattern is. Type 3 is curly, which changes depending on how tight the curl is. And Type 4 is kinky or coily, which changes depending on whether the shape of the pattern is more zigzag or springs.

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