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Here Are Four Beauty Tips To Fill You With Self-Love On Valentine’s Day

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Ryan Brady

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Leah Flores
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On the surface, Valentine’s Day might look like expensive dinners, chocolates, and a bouquet of flowers sent by your significant other. But underneath all that, it’s a day to express love to the most important people in your life–starting with yourself. That means slowing down and giving attention to your needs, first and foremost.

Before making any plans this year, focus on carving out little moments throughout the day for some extra pampering. And it doesn’t hurt to stop by The Vitamin Shoppe beforehand to pick up a few essentials. Here are four ways to show yourself love through beauty and self-care:

Image by
Leah Flores
/ Stocksy

Make your morning skin care routine more mindful.

For many of us, our morning skin care routine has become as robotic as brushing our teeth. But on this special occasion, try bringing back a little awareness to the ritual. See how it feels to experience each product on your face as you spend time gently massaging it into your skin. Take it as an opportunity to start your day with some extra TLC.

Part of being mindful when it comes to your skin care is tuning in to what your regimen may be missing. Vitamin C is a great addition because it offers benefits for every skin type. As a potent antioxidant and a vital part of the collagen synthesis process, it promotes youthful-looking skin, fights free radicals, evens out skin tone, and gives your complexion a nice glow. Reviva’s High Potency Vitamin C Serum is an effective (and affordable) choice because it’s made up of multiple separate C-extracts, creating one potent concentrate.

Revia High Potency Vitamin C Serum

Start the day with a nourishing breakfast.

We already know that what we put into our body has an effect on our physical and mental health, so beginning your morning with a nutritious meal can really set the tone for the day ahead. Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse to make yourself something special and enjoy it leisurely–especially if you normally grab breakfast on the go.

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Darina Kopcok
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When browsing recipes, show some love for your skin by looking for ingredients like egg whites, berries, avocado, or nuts. And to really boost your appearance, consider adding a collagen supplement. YouTheory’s Collagen tablets contain uniquely soluble and highly absorbable collagen peptides, free of binders and fillers. In addition to supporting skin elasticity, hydration, and dermal collagen density, oral collagen supplements may also benefit hair, nails, digestion, and joint, bone, and muscle health.*

YouTheory Collagen Tablets

Get your heart rate up.

At this point, it’s pretty common knowledge that exercise produces endorphins, which make us feel happy. But there’s another reason we’re recommending a good sweat on V-Day. Research shows that exercise has been associated with healthier, younger-looking skin. A 2015 study revealed that individuals ages 65-plus who regularly exercised produced skin samples that appeared much younger. So make some time to get your favorite workout in–you’ll glow from the inside out!

Draw yourself a warm bath.

Is there anything more relaxing than a warm bath at the end of the day? It’s an enjoyable way to ground down and unwind before calling it a night–but it turns out it’s so much more than that. Recent studies have linked a warm bath before bed with a better night’s sleep, as well as improved heart health. And adding in some Epsom salt offers even further benefits.

But to maximize your bathing experience, don’t forget to show your hair a little love too. We use Millcreek’s Biotene H-24 Shampoo and Conditioner because they’re certified organic and free from parabens, phthalates, artificial colors, and other questionable ingredients–plus the biotin and peptides found in both products promote thicker, fuller hair.

Millcreek Biotene H 24 Shampoo

Show yourself some love this Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day isn’t just for those in a romantic relationship. And even if you are celebrating with a special someone, prioritizing yourself can make for an even better experience with your partner. After all, you can’t fully love someone else until you love yourself first. So this year, wake up and think about the little actions you can take to give yourself the care and attention you deserve. And hey, don’t be afraid to treat yourself to a small gift or two as well–The Vitamin Shoppe has you covered.

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