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Have You Seen This Confusing Term In Your Beauty Products? Here’s What It Means

Given the cosmeceuticals are meant to provide professional level actives, look for them formulated into products that support high-quality delivery: Notably treatments (like masks and peels), serums, and potent creams. Much of the skin care market likely doesn’t meet the potency threshold, and that’s OK. Cosmeceuticals should be thought of as steps to use in tandem with your other skin care steps, like washes, gentle hydrating lotions, oils, balms, and so on. With skin care, it’s important to look for a balance.

Additionally, cosmeceuticals tend to be more expensive–as they should be formulated at potent doses, kept stable, and not to mention the ingredients themselves tend to be more pricey to start with. This is something to be mindful of when looking at products marketed as “cosmeceuticals.”

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