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Found: The 15 Best Lip Moisturizers Of 2022 That *Actually* Put In The Work

To combat the dreaded chap, a good lip moisturizer is a must. As someone who suffers from perennially dry lips no matter the season, I always have a trusty tube or pot of balm on my person (or bag, or desk, or bathroom shelf, or nightstand). And I certainly have my tried-and-true favorites–in this curated list below, you’ll find the lip moisturizers that actually, you know, work.

You’re probably wondering: What’s the difference between a lip moisturizer and lip balm? Well, to be honest, these aren’t clearly defined categories. Most of the lip product language–moisturizers, masks, balms, salves et al–is all up to marketing. But if you’d like a set definition, you can think of lip moisturizers as formulas that include a blend of humectants, emollients, and occlusives to actually send moisture to your lips. This is in comparison to an occlusive-only wax or jelly balm that merely coats the surface–or shiny and plumping numbers that are there for aesthetic purposes only.

Ahead, browse our collection of best lip moisturizers for a thirsty pout.

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