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Found It: A Striking Houseplant You Won’t Have To Worry About On Vacation

Despite its name and its appearance, the Ponytail Palm (Beaucarnea recurvata) is not a palm tree at all. This lush plant, native to Mexico, with its free-flowing ponytail of leaves, is actually a member of the succulent family. And that’s exactly why it’s known as a low-maintenance houseplant for even the most amateur of green thumbs.

Beatriz Garces of Nature’s Way Farms explains, “The Ponytail Palm is a popular houseplant for its drought-tolerant nature and adaptability to almost any environment. It stores water in its unique trunk, which is why it is so easy to maintain.”

While it first became popular in the 1970s, Garces describes the plant’s recent moment in the sun, “We have seen a resurgence in popularity of the Ponytail Palm due to its unique appearance. Its exposed, unique, slender trunk paired with thin, green, curly fronds makes the Ponytail Palm a statement piece on any table.”

Now, you can find Ponytail Palms at most garden stores that sell houseplants. They’ll rarely reach over four feet when grown inside and are simple to keep at a manageable indoor size.

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