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For The Tarot Lovers: Pulling This One Card Is A Sure Sign To Take Action

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mbg Spirituality & Relationships Writer

By Sarah Regan

mbg Spirituality & Relationships Writer

Sarah Regan is a Spirituality & Relationships Writer, and a registered yoga instructor. She received her bachelor’s in broadcasting and mass communication from SUNY Oswego, and lives in Buffalo, New York.

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Tarot readings are a powerful tool for self-reflection and divination, and within a traditional deck’s 78 cards, there’s one that’s like a spark of new energy: the Ace of Wands. Next time you pull this card in a tarot reading, here’s what it could mean–for love, your career, and more.

What does the Ace of Wands mean?

Kicking off the suit of Wands, the Ace of Wands can be thought of as an invitation to start again, just as it begins the suit. As tarot reader and founder of Witchy Wellness Leah Vanderveldt explains, pulling this card is like a full-bodied yes. “It’s a jolt of inspiration, excitement, or an intuitive download that says, Go for it. Do this thing,” she tells mbg.

Wands represent the element of fire in tarot, Vanderveldt adds, so consider this ace like a first spark or desire for something. “It’s life force, spirit, and positive motion,” she says, asking you to get started.

What does it mean for love & relationships?

When pulled upright:

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sleep support+

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If you pulled the Ace of Wands upright in a reading about love or a relationship, Vanderveldt says it indicates there’s a spark present (whether it’s something new, or a reignited spark), and it’s a time to explore it.

“As with all Aces, it’s an opportunity, but nothing’s guaranteed,” she explains, adding that your presence and energy are required to take this further. “You’re being asked to work with this energy in a new way, but there’s real potential here,” she notes.

When pulled in reverse:

If you pulled the Ace of Wands in reverse in this reading, there could be a delay, lack of spark, or a resistance to the connection at play, according to Vanderveldt.

“Now’s a good time to take some alone time and take stock about the relationship or your approach to finding love. Come back to your vision and what you want and trust that,” she suggests.

What does it mean for professional & financial matters?

When pulled upright:

In a reading about your career or finances, pulling the Ace of Wands upright means you’re being encouraged to go for it–whatever “it” is, Vanderveldt tells mbg. So whether you’ve been thinking about launching a project, or reaching out to a new networking connection, now’s the time.

“Honor your inspiration and passion and use it to propel you forward,” she says, adding, “There’s an opportunity for success here.”

When pulled in reverse:

Pulling the Ace of Wands in reverse in a career reading is a suggestion to sleep on any decisions before moving forward, according to Vanderveldt. “The timing might be slower than you’d like, or there might be the sensation of impulsivity that would be better if reigned in,” she explains.

Rather than charging headfirst, she recommends grounding yourself, taking some breathing room, and even coming up with a new plan if necessary, when you pull this card in reverse.

What does it mean for challenges ahead?

When pulled upright:

If you asked the cards about a challenge you’re facing or will face, and the Ace of Wands showed up upright, the challenge is missing the spark or inspiration that hits you.

Though, Vanderveldt explains, “We might not always have the time or space to act on ‘the thing’–be it inspiration or intuitive hits. In that case, make sure you keep track of these creative pulls and circle back to them later if they still feel aligned and good to you.” Just be warned, she adds, “If we neglect a thing for too long, it can lose its magic and potential for us.”

When pulled in reverse:

Don’t be discouraged if you pull the Ace of Wands in reverse in this type of reading. According to Vanderveldt, it doesn’t necessarily mean the universe is giving you a hard “no” to whatever it is you’re working toward. Rather, she says, it can indicate self-doubt more than anything.

“It suggests there’s a lack of trust in one’s own ideas or enthusiasm that’s calling for a deeper personal exploration or discernment,” she says.

The bottom line.

The Ace of Wands is a particularly positive sign that you’ve got forward momentum at your side. And if you pulled the card in reverse, it’s likely an invitation to reflect, regroup, and trust in your own abilities. Once you take the necessary pause, cleanse your deck and pull again to see what the cards have in store.

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